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IT Security Services

Security incidents that have occurred either externally or internally are a growing problem for businesses of all types causing major disruption to their operations leading to significant financial loss. How do you protect your network, your business systems, your financial applications and your private business and customer data from compromise? We recommend that you utilize the security services provided by Superior Resources Inc. A Trusted Component of Your Security Solution. Our Team of experienced and highly skilled security engineers with expertise in VPN & Perimeter Security, Wireless LAN Security, Antivirus, E-Mail, & Content Security, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, and Identity Management services will work with your in house IT Resources to design, improve and harden all your security defenses to protect your assets against today’s growing security threats.

VPN & Perimeter Security Access & Identity Management
  Network Firewall   Authentication Tokens
  Personal Firewall   Biometrics
  Web Application Firewall   Digital Certificates
  Site to Site VPN   Single Sign On
  Remote Access VPN   Password Management
  Firewall Management   Directory Services
  Handheld Devices    
    AV, E-mail, & Content Security
Wireless LAN Security   Antivirus
  IPS Sniffers   Anti-Spam
  Rogue Detection / Wireless IDS   Web Content Filtering
  Wireless Gateways   Instant Messaging Control
  Aps and Infrastructure   Proxy Servers
  Authentication / 802.1x   File and Document Security
Web Applications & Database Solutions    
  Application Scanners Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  Application Firewalls   Network IPS
  Proxy Servers   Host IPS/IDS
  Database Encryption   Network IDS
  SSL Accelerators    
  Database Scanners    
  Database Firewalls    
  Secure Portal Access